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STREET Chic takes over

A long long time ago in a fashion once upon a time, in the magical land of Chanel. The ruler, a man by the name of Karl Lagerfeld, looked out upon the land of well heeled elite sporting big jewelry … Continue reading

Hunger Games Premiere …surpise?

At 130pm my good friend asks me if I want to go to a movie premiere about a mockingbird at Lincoln center tonight at 7pm. So there I am dressing day red carpet, nothing over the top, because I think … Continue reading

2015-And We Are Back

Its been awhile since Ive had time to sit and write. Its funny how the mind works, it has movements its own patterns. There are times when it wishes to create only in images, and now finally in words. Im … Continue reading


Its been awhile since I have had time to write we had such a busy end of the year. We had the pleasure of shooting a cover with Jessica Alba in  LA with the lovely Cliff Watts right before Xmas … Continue reading

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BIG Drop NYc Summer Styling Session

    I was graciously invited to participate in the Big Drop Summer stylist Series. What a pleasure! I understand why there is such a following there. Everyone who works there you can see is so happy to be there … Continue reading

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The great Robert De Niro and Thank you’s for the letters.

Lately I’ve been getting a few more letters than usual from fans and admirers of the work we are doing. I want to take a moment out to say thank you. I am always humbled that someone took time out … Continue reading


This will easily go down as one of my favorite shoots. Andrew Horton the creative director at Billboard Magazine and shot by Chris Buck, both made the shoot smooth, and the guys themselves were professional, caring, and unjaded. Everything you … Continue reading

The ICONIC Clutch

Every woman has her obsession, for some its sunglasses, shoes, or bags. Lately I’ve seen a real resurgence in the clutch. It was for most of the past few decades an afterthought not given a lot of attention , a … Continue reading

John Robert Miller, RIP. Stephen Burrows we love you.

I was introduced to John Miller and Stephen Burrows through an esteemed and highly respected Editor. I was unfamiliar with the house and only after meeting them did I realize what a legend I was in the presence of and … Continue reading

IFC Adopt a comic

There Are a few jobs that will go down in your memory with a smile, and this is one of them. Right from the word go, the Art Director from IFC , all she heard on the conference call was … Continue reading

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