its raining

Its raining on a Friday night. I love it when it rains. Its slightly Melancholy in a way that feels good. The Japanese had a name for this in the colour of pale lavender, murasaki. To them it was a poetic kind of longing. In the tale of Genji, they talk in extremely refined allegory. For example , and this is heavy handed, if I sent a white clean hand deckled note written in lavender ink. The note would say Has the dew touched the grass under your window. You would know ( if you were a courtier in Heian Japan) that I was declaring that my love for you was pure (the white paper) but full of longing ( dew on the grass) and melancholy ( lavender). You would also probably think that the note was extremely course and that the writer was unrefined especially if it had been wrapped in a blade of grass. The same refined allegorical way of communication extended to the clothing as well. Its probably too long of a discussion and tedious for those not interested in Japanese historical minutiae. I think the best and most accessible author on this subject is Liz Dalby. She apprenticed as a geisha for her studies. Here’s a link to her book.

photo by Colodio

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