Lets talk about HandBags. The single most iconic female possession ( followed shortly by shoes). A woman’s Purse is the equivalent of what Patek Philipe or Jaeger-Lecoultre has done for watches for example. Subtle assumed definition of the intrinsic qualities of the bearer. From the 6 figure gold and diamond alligator Birkin (named for the beautiful English Actress/Singer Jane Birkin) to the diamond encrusted white gold evening bag from Chanel.

Bag Borrow or Steal www.bagborroworsteal.com , made famous in the first installation of Sex in the City -the movie, Rents bags by the week or month. So now you can have that Birkin or Chanel and hold your head high or go into a meeting and feel that they perceive you as a player. That’s the intended affect. I just used them for a job last week. We rented a few bags for the commercial and that saved a huge chunk of the budget.

My tastes for the past few years have headed more towards the Indie designers. Our friends at Bodhi do this amazing quilted Rectangle bag.
The current season does it in Ostrich. http://shop.bodhibags.net/details.php?item=B0360530.
I have four Bodhi bags in my closet.

Yesterday I went to this AMAZING Italian Bag store in Hoboken. Viola Vita. Mario the owner makes one of’s. Glove leather shoes and jackets. We were in Hoboken yesterday shooting with Natalie Morales and I had wandered around the corner after work . I bought this GORGEOUS red zipped handbag. I usually buy one per season. I am rough on my bags. I use them and take them everywhere so they get worn. This place is a local phenomenon local ladies line up when there is a delivery to get handmade Italian bags at the best price in the city considering the workmanship.

A woman rocking a men’s bag is hot. Swaine Adeney’s www.swaineadeney.co.uk ( check out the Gladstone) Urbane all leather doctors bag could get you through a weekend tryst through an entire week. I have always had some sort of emotional love affair with this type of bag, gives me the feeling at any moment I am prepared to hop a plane to someplace exotic like Tanzania or Zanzibar right out of an old Toto or Duran Duran Video. For those in the US Jcrew has had the foresight to start carrying this bag as well as the Globetrotter www.globetrotter1897.com. My favourite bag for the longest time was my vintage german Military messenger bag. Thick beautiful leather walls. About the size of a large University textbook. The name of the officer is written on the pocket inside and the back strap allows for a belt or shoulder strap. The rivets are elegant, thick, and clean. This bag is meant to take a beating and last.


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