Its been a second since I’ve had time to write. WE’ve been inundated with work, all amazing. I am grateful to be included in so many great teams. We shot Lindsey Vonn and Brandon Jennings with the awesome Dirk Rees for Underarmour. Another over the top editorial of the imagination with Italian Amica. Cover of Harper’s Bazaar with Jeff Koons, A story for Candace Bushnell and Barbara Corcoran, plus a commercial with my Fav Kate Upton. Its been a heavy hitting intense week. We just finished a week of Olympic hopefuls including Sonia Richards ( LOVE) for Citibank. This Thursday I fly to Seattle to start prepping the TV show land back on Monday to do a smashbox event while getting ready to work on Carmen’s biography. Whew! And its just february and we just got through fashion week with the amazing classic Stephen burrows, next year is his retrospective at the New York City Museum.

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