I Just landed in Rome after a long flight, luggage hunt, and flight delay. Even still lets be honest what’s not to love about Italy if you dont have to deal with the politics or corporate beaurocracy. Italy is full of warmth and good taste that underly their desire to relate and be close to one another. The sun and mediterranean culture have done alot for the spirit of the people as much as it diffuses the efficiency of the government into something of a parody, but Miami in the states and any warm climate south american gov’t can boast ownership of the same. On Monday I leave for Capri. I am constantly teased by my friends and family for planning my vacations sometimes years in advance, reserving apartments, buying tickets , but I have a two bedroom in capri for three weeks for a very modest sum, and a group of friends that were either invited or invited themselves much to my delight and our house will be full of the kind of energy and laughter that will heal the soul. Typing on a european keyboard takes a second to get used to again, spent 15 minutes looking for the question mark and everything is spelled incorrectly according to the Italian autocorrect. This trip for me is cathartic, after three years of intense stress and emotional , physical trials I have emerged on the other side, not unscathed, but a whole hell of a lot wiser. This trip this year is about the choices I’m making to build the life I want to have after some serious disillusioning. Disillusioning is good , its a painful process especially as an artist as dreams are the basis of creativity, yet dreams can also cloak the lies we tell to ourselves or others, the pride, or arrogance or the destructive insecurties that rise up and try to obstruct us from living the life we were meant to have in place of the one we think we are supposed to have. Jospeh Campbell’s book . Reflections on the Art of Living is where that is from. I have gone on the heroes quest and have brought back the jewel to the world, whether appreciated or not it was the journey I took that was necessary for me to grow to have my own myths debunked. To have to let go of everythig I thought gravity held down. Thank you for everyone that helped give me the strength when I didnt have enough of my own. I love you and will always be there for you.

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