IFC Adopt a comic

There Are a few jobs that will go down in your memory with a smile, and this is one of them. Right from the word go, the Art Director from IFC , all she heard on the conference call was me falling off my chair laughing as we debated whether we would dress Chris Gethard in a baby duck outfit, Catepillar, Moth or Bubmblebee , a la Anne Geddess. This was punctuated by the 5 foot egg discussion that Chris and I had ordered from Giantegg.net. Our Carpenter astutely asked where was their business before the internet??? As thats what they did giant fiberglass eggs. 3ft, 5ft, 10 ft fibreglass eggs folks, who knew??

Then we get to the job and Chris gets on set and we tell him about the “monster slime, the baby diaper, and the baby duck hat with feathers” he doesnt even blink an eye, not even when we put him on the leaf nekkid, ok with a nude dancers thong really, with a giant painted lady bug.

Then comes the Angel wings, and we spontaneously grabbed my assistant and friend, Alessio , and put him into a impromptu blue satin toga. ” Sweeet Baby Jesus!” I yelled from somewhere on the side of the monitor where I was leaning over clutching my sides from laughing.

This shot minus Alessio made the Billboard. This shot was spontaneous and unplanned something special Chris and I cooked up that morning.


So IFC Yes , yes anytime anywhere, you me ,and Chris we are ready. Lets shoot it.

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