John Robert Miller, RIP. Stephen Burrows we love you.

I was introduced to John Miller and Stephen Burrows through an esteemed and highly respected Editor. I was unfamiliar with the house and only after meeting them did I realize what a legend I was in the presence of and how lucky I was to work with such an important piece of fashion History. And in the middle of it keeping Stephen inspired and the house running together with panache was John.

It’s hard to explain what Stephen Burrows, Giorgio Sant Angelo and Halston represented when I arrived in NY in 1970….they were IT !!! So modern, so free….soooo fashion

— Diane Von Furstenberg

What I admired most about him was his complete lack of ego. He believed in Stephen, and when he believed in something he gave it his all. he did nothing by halves that man.  John passed from this world a few days ago. His memorial is Thursday, with funeral dates to follow soon. We’ve all gotten  closer and became better because of you. I like everyone who knew you will miss you.


John, Steve, Rob, and DJ Choimatic

Patrick McMullen and Pat Cleaveland

Stephen with the launch of his Barbie



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