like a movie

Before I left for Nepal, several unrelated friends kept saying to me ” Your life is just like Eat pray love!” Now working in the entertainment buisness comparisons to movies are not uncommon but my reaction to this was ” eh.” I mean a movie and a sappy eh movie at that… and now I am back…I went to Nepal to get closer to what I think of as god. To pray in the monastaries, to mediate , to find the quiet inside myself where I could start to build and find myself again. I felt damaged and lost when I went. That was the beginning. My zero point. And in the company of climbers going to everest I found others who were in the same place of starting over. Talks over meals and snacks. To my surprise the sheer physical exertion and altitude, we ate four meals a day and snacks. Constant eating….and company. After the second week I noticed that the hole in my heart stopped being so big and my anger began to dissipate and then it happened. It wasnt there any more. Not obvious at first but subtle like the way love can sneak up on you and push you off its cliff. And what it was replaced with at first was sublte too, the laughter I thought I had lost found its way to the bottom of my belly and slowly worked its way out. Pain was replaced by unadulterated happiness, joy, and a return of my inappropriate sense of humor.

So if my life is like this movie I retract my earlier emotion that it was mediocre.


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