2015-And We Are Back

Its been awhile since Ive had time to sit and write. Its funny how the mind works, it has movements its own patterns. There are times when it wishes to create only in images, and now finally in words. Im sitting in the Hilton in Las Vegas with the cool crew from Robot Heart/Burning Man, to make the campaign images for Further Future. My assistant is outside on a walk smoking his lone cigarette. My friend, model, Kailey Hsu is upstairs resting for her early call time tomorrow.  Woods, makeup, and Jacob, hair, are upstairs dreaming in glitter. Its the first time I’ve been alone in days. Generally speaking I am not an “alone’ kind of person, much prefer the company of good people. Tonight though a chance to catch up with oneself. To reflect. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so caught up in our busyness that we forget to stop and breathe. My younger brother used to be my stopping mechanism. His innocent pleas to spend time together cut thru my bullshit.  Now he is grown and too busy. I wonder if he stops to reflect or if someone else matters enough to him to get him to pause. It seems like no , and it will take something monumental to shake him up, to touch his heart. Getting a foster younger sibling dropped on your doorstep woke me up. If we are lucky we get those moments that save us as human beings, and we rise up to it. And if we are even luckier we get to pass it on. I’d like to think I get a chance to do that every day with my team. We don’t just work together, this has become an extension of my family. Im lucky.
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