Hunger Games Premiere …surpise?

At 130pm my good friend asks me if I want to go to a movie premiere about a mockingbird at Lincoln center tonight at 7pm. So there I am dressing day red carpet, nothing over the top, because I think hes inviting me to some sort of Harper Lee to Kill a Mockingbird opening , until the car drops me off at the red carpet and Im funnelled into the press line pressed between very Star struck yoing faces, and HUGE body guards….and then I see the poster…and then Liam Hemsworth walks out and all the cameras start flashing….I text my friend….We are at the HUNGER GAMES premiere????? His response? Its about some bird… pick up popcorn on your way up to the VIP section and grab us some drinks too please.

Picture by Hunger Games Instagram

Picture by Hunger Games Instagram



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