Back in the saddle sort of…

Been in bed for two weeks with 3rd degree mercury poisoning. Apparently had been coming on since mid january aggravated by the stress of having 3 friends die, stressful jobs, and life happening. I realize it was life kicking my ass saying here this doesnt work, and I am going to keep showing you it doesnt work and make it harder and harder until you listen to me and make some real changes. I’m pretty stubborn so you can imagine it took alot. But in the aftermath I feel myself pouring back into my body and the glow of happiness bubbling from within, not because of anyone or anything. Just because again I am just happy to be alive. Happy to be the squirrley happy eccentric nerd I was born to be. And folks just remeber Nerd love is good love.


3 Responses to Back in the saddle sort of…

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