When i was about 8 and going to a french lycee which has its very organized way of doing things. My first big independent thought was, ” If I play by others rules , I will have to do it their way or lose. If I play by my rules then I will always win” . Winning of course to an 8 year old means simpler things than it does to an adult. Being able to draw what you want not what the class is, not having to wear the same shoes that the other kids wore, playing the games and changing all the rules and being convincing enough that others will want to do it, even if you forget what rules you told them. I knew then that I would have no choice but to be an artist. I have been fired from every corporate job I ever had. Which was never many. What do you do when you just dont seem to have any knack for fitting in to normal ? Move to New York, dye your hair blue, roller blade at 3am so you can more closely hear the voice of the city, and meet all the other misfits that did the same as you. I love this city. No matter how extreme you are there is someone here to either egg you on or go with you down the road.


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