Back in Action and my opinion on Gay marriage

I’m finally on the upside of the surgeries and mercury poisoning. And am starting to feel like my hyper self again. Ready to start dancing! Postal Service is on repeat and a couple tracks of Vampire Weekend.

The issue of gay marriages has come up again, with factions intensely rallying on both sides. I want to offer my opinion on this. One which I feel certain about.
It is not really about moral right or wrong, Or men and women loving those of their own sex.
Its about Love.
Love is love, who are we to dictate the method in which it comes, what is more important is THAT it comes.

What is more important is that we know how to give and receive it.

Love is above the defining roles that traditional hunter gatherer societies found beneficial. This is evolution.

So for any person that has found someone that fills their life with so much love that they want to have it be publicly and legally acknowledged. I applaud you. I mean after all the divorce rate is so high in the larger hetero population, and there is a general disinclination towards meaningful and long term monogamous relationships in the cities to the level of possible epidemic. Give it a few decades and same sex marriages may in fact be the most staunch examples of traditional Christian values.

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  1. Dortha says:

    If information were soeccr, this would be a goooooal!

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