I have been a practicing buddhist for a number of years, it very closely aligns with some of the Native American beliefs. In Buddhism there is a basic practice called mindfulness. Which boils to being completely present wherever you are, pleasant or unpleasant. As an example that means being completely in the act of jumping in the pool with your clothes on at your best friends party not thinking only of how cool the photo you took of it will be after. I have been applying this to eating. As a foodie I seek out and crave tastes, but working and eating has become a bad habit and rushing when I eat ( oh working lunches you bad influence).

About a week ago I stopped myself and started paying attention. I savoured each bite, taking time to notice the differences in texture of a filo dough ricotta, mozzerella, tomato, pesto napoleon. You know what ? BAM! Wow. Holy wow. Today I got aware with a box of pomegranite licorice. Who needs porn? Really. Wow


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  1. isewhite says:

    Thank you for touching base. warmly, Ise

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